Counseling Staff

Michael McGowan (Counselor)
 (860) 314-2777 x5408
Lori Lusitani (Counselor)
 (860) 314-2777 x5409
Linda Konopaske (Secretary)
 (860) 314-2777 x541$

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33 North Harwinton Avenue
Terryville, Connecticut 06786 
Telephone: (860) 314-2777 
Fax: (860) 585-4070

 Lori Lusitani, School Counselor
 (Last names A-K)

 Michael P. McGowan, School
Counselor (Last names L-Z)

 School Counseling Secretary

 Linda Konopaske Ext. 5414 

Social Worker

Michelle Luba Ext. 5410

School Psychologist

 Lindsay Aronheim Ext. 5411


Lisa Auidi Ext. 5412

School-to-Career Secretary 

Joann Basile Ext. 5413

Mission Statement

The mission of our school counseling department is to provide a safe and supportive school climate where students can achieve academically, socially and vocationally while understanding and appreciating individual differences. As school counselors, we strive to help each student become a contributing member of the school and community while recognizing and achieving their personal potential and goals.

THS School Profile 2014-2015

Terryville High School Counseling Services

Individual Counseling
Student Reviews with Parents
Group Counseling
Student Assistance Team
Crisis Intervention
Consultation & Collaboration with Teachers & Administrators
Academic and Vocational Counseling
Referral to Community Agencies
Community Service Opportunities
Classroom Guidance Lessons
Advisory and Fresh Start Program
Career Planning
Community Collaboration
Post Secondary Planning


Counselors are required to follow the ACA ethical code regarding confidentiality. Confidentiality is maintained unless there is danger or harm to self or others, suspicion of abuse or neglect, or information required by court.

Academic Requirements 

Students graduating from Terryville High School must graduate with a minimum of 23.0 credits, 30 community service credits, and pass the CAPT requirements.

THS ALUMNI: NEED A TRANSCRIPT?  Click here to request a transcript!

**NOTE: All CURRENT THS students please print and return the Transcript Request found under "forms" to the Counseling Office.


*please check for specific dates and registration.

Please note that these dates are anticipated, not final.

SAT Test Date

Regular Registration Deadline

SAT Tests Given

 October 3, 2015

 September 4, 2015

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject

 November 7, 2015

 October 8, 2015

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject

 December 5, 2015

 November 6, 2015

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject

 January 23, 2016

 December 28, 2015

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject

 March 5, 2016*

 February 4, 2016

 SAT Test Only

 May 7, 2016

 April 8, 2016

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject

 June 4, 2016

 May 6, 2016

 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject


The SAT is being redesigned and is set to launch this year with the March 2016 testing date. This new SAT will impact the class of 2017 and beyond. For complete information on the changes to the SAT as well as sample questions and practice tests, please visit: *It is important for current juniors to take the new PSATs in October prior to sitting for the redesigned SAT in the spring*

Students will need to send their SAT scores as part of the college application process. Please note that each time you register for a SAT test date you are offered 4 free score reports to send to prospective colleges. However, your score reports are only available for free within 9 days of your testing date. After the 9 day period there is a fee of $11 for each request made.

You are eligible to register late by paying an additional fee. Late registration by phone or online typically is available until approximately 11 days before the test date.

High school students typically take their SAT for the first time in the spring of their junior year. Many students also take the test a second time, usually in the fall of their senior year.

The 2015-2016 ACT National Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

Test Date

Registration Deadline

(Late Fee Required)

September 12, 2015

August 7, 2015

August 8–21, 2015

October 24, 2015

September 18, 2015

September 19–October 2, 2015

December 12, 2015

November 6, 2015

November 7–20, 2015

February 6, 2016

January 8, 2016

January 9–15, 2016

April 9, 2016

March 4, 2016

March 5–18, 2016

June 11, 2016

May 6, 2016

May 7–20, 2016

*please check for specific dates and registration

Scholarships: A list of available Scholarships is located on Naviance which students can access through their individual Naviance accounts. If there are any questions, or if students need assistance accessing Naviance they should see their School Counselors.